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Local Rockland printer chosen to produce the art for GAGA Art Festival’s high-end exhibition

CHESTNUT RIDGE, NEW YORK - The buzz is big surrounding the much anticipated 59X59 Photographic Exhibition at the GAGA Arts Center, May 2 - June 6, 2009. No one’s enthusiasm for this exhibition is stronger than Ken Karlewicz, whose vision for this body of work began over 3 years ago when he had the idea to capture the beauty, history and nostalgia of Rockland County’s Route 59 on 5/9/08 with a group of local photographers.

The 31 photographers would have a long wet, ‘stomping through the puddles’ kind of day for the shoot. But the images produced are nothing short of spectacular. Who would be able to produce these images into large-scale prints with the quality and level of accuracy needed for the art exhibition? “It was a critical decision given the expertise needed and the economic constraints of the project,” said Curator Ken Karlewicz, “Choosing the right printer could make or break this project.”

Ken came to Michael Nass, president of Tandem Graphics in early February to discuss how digital photographs may be produced for this art exhibition that could be experienced by the entire community. Tandem Graphics was thrilled to be part of such a creative project. They wanted to honor and contribute to the effort and energy that went into capturing these compelling images.

Inspired by the images, the team at Tandem Graphics went to work bringing them into their best light. Initially, Mike went over the technical aspect of properly saving the files to maintain the best level of resolution and optimum color, ultimately giving them the best possible digital output. Next the images were output on Tandem’s large format aqueous printer, which is best suited for fine art reproduction. “We decided the best mounting material for these large prints would be Gatorboard, because of it’s characteristic to minimize warping and hang beautifully at the exhibition,” said Mike. When they were confident they had brought every raindrop, glistening wet pavement and gray sky to color perfection, they printed a proof and gave Ken a call. That test print was a glimpse of the vision that he had been thinking about for 3 years. He was ecstatic! The grays were perfect; the image was bright and crisp. He knew he had found the right printer for this important body of work.

Quality, accuracy and color reproduction were key to this project, along with price. Tandem Graphics was happy to support these local photographers and became a proud sponsor of the 59x59 Photo Exhibition. Summing up this collaboration between local Rockland County printer and photographer, Ken Karlewicz said, “Tandem Graphics was just as important to the success of this exhibition as any of the photographers.”

Tandem Graphics was has been serving the tri-state area for over a decade out of their 4,000 square foot facility in Chestnut Ridge, NY. Specializing in large format prints and banners, digital printing and finishing services, they offer a wide range of printing and graphic capabilities and have become a trusted partner to the area’s businesses and community.